Web Apps

A website today is just not a catalogue of your products or and advertisement of your company. But websites are becoming full fledge applications for you to utilize the power of your browser and do every bit of task you were just capable of doing on your system, few years back. Multi-Billion dollar companies like Google, Yahoo and eBay are all built upon the idea of using your browser to achieve more than just browsing. We are a group of young & talented programmers who can provide their services to achieve that kind of goal for everyone with a vision in the mind. We work with open source technologies and are specialized in custom web applications for virtually any industry.



Get your web app developed in one of the most extensive languages. Our skills include:
JSP Web Development
Servlets Web pages
Web Services with XML & JSON
iMap, SMTP & POP3 Services
Hibernate mapping
JSF – Java Server Faces
Struts & Spring frameworks
Ajax Dojo

We develop Web apps in PHP as its fast, simple, portable & most of all Open Source. Our PHP skills include:
Core PHP Development
Frameworks like Cake, Yii, Codeigniter
CMS liks WordPress, Joomla or Drupal
iMap, SMTP & POP3
Smarty Templates
Web services with XML & jSon
Libraries like CURL, PDO, PEAR and XAJAX
SOAP and REST-based APIs

Whether you want an app for Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, LinkedIn or Google. We can do that for you. Our skills include:
Facebook Graph API
Google APIs like Google+ and Games
Custom Facebook apps
Twitter integration with Twitter OAuth
Codebird and Twitter-Search-Library API for Twitter
Phlickr API for Flickr Integration
Youtube Data, Streaming and Analytics API
LinkedIn Rest & JS API