Mobile Apps

Mobile phones today are not just a medium to call or text your contacts. But has been evolved in to whole new generation of smart computers, right in to your pocket. Mobile apps are the chunks of internet on your smart device which helps you to complete tasks from checking your email on the go – to taking a megapixel good looking photograph – to keeping a To-Do list to remind you of your daily chores. Trimonks specializes in native application development for Android and iPhone. Which help you reach your customers on the go and be with them.



iPhone Apps
iOS app development for iPhone, iPad and iPod. We specialize in in below services
Objective C and Swift
Core Graphics API & OpenGL ES
SQLite Database
Latest iOS SDK
Multi-Touch & Accelerometer
mCommerce integration
Location Based Services & GPS
iPhone Widget Development
Web Services / SOAP
Complete Social Media Integration
Quicktime based Media Services

HTML5 Mobile Apps
Easy & Fast Cross platform development without the high development cost and easy portability. Our services include
jQuery Mobile
GeoLocation API
AppCache & DB API
mCommerce integration
Social Media Integration
Web Services with HTTP, SOAP and IPC
Canvas for Video & Graphics
Cloud platform Development
Fluid layout for Phone & Tablets