Learning Management System

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TriMonk LMS – Our proprietary Learning Management System
Trimonks offers a proprietary learning management system, TriMonk LMS, which provides a full service, cloud-based solution. TriMonk LMS allows you to manage registration and learner enrollment anytime, anywhere. More importantly, it allows you to distribute content and track module completion and progress report. Best of all, it is easy to use. TriMonk LMS is packed with features that simplify your life, minimize concerns, and optimize the eLearning process.

  • Data management
  • Easy enrollment and registration
  • Course tracking and reporting
  • BYOD mobile learning
  • Hosting Services

At TriMonk, we offer complete hosting services with fully managed bandwidth, storage, backup, and recovery as well as global content distribution. We are also able to provide HTML5 for multiple viewing options. Today, businesses need to process information faster than ever. Our hosting services allow you to live and learn in a multiplatform world with the flexibility of viewing content on a traditional desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone with different screen sizes and orientations. Our overall objective is to provide you with the learning solution that will help you take your business to the next level.